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Drawn together by a love of writing, Harsha and Yash have seen it all — the good, the bad, and the cringe-y. We struggled through our own personal statements and college application essays, and have been helping friends and family for as long as we can remember. Our stories — and career journeys — have been filled with twists and turns, pivots into fields we never thought we would go into, and experiences that can’t neatly be captured in 500 words.

We’ve been there. And throughout all of our experiences, we’ve seen how powerful it is to be able to tell your story in a clear and compelling way. Now, we want to be part of that process for you.  


journalist, producer, editor

Harsha grew up checking out piles of books from the library, which she would read under the covers with a flashlight until she fell asleep. She first found her writing voice in college as a columnist, and then editor, for the campus newspaper. Whether it is feature stories or application essays, Harsha focuses on uplifting the personal angle in everything she writes. With a knack for asking the right prompting questions and identifying compelling story arcs, she hopes her edits will empower people to take ownership of their narratives through raw and unapologetic storytelling.


Harsha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in public policy from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in journalism from City University of New York. She works as a radio and podcast producer in NYC. Her work has been featured in NPR's TED Radio Hour, Futuro Media's In The Thick, the Huffington Post, The Juggernaut, The Michigan Daily, Brown Girl Magazine, Ambassador Magazine, and Catalyst Midland among others.

Yash Bhutada


designer, writer, editor

Throughout his childhood, Yash penned copious renditions of Curious George stories. He wrote on bus rides home from school; he even skipped third-grade recess to write…nerdy, he knows. Across any body of work — personal statements, cover letters, novels, TV shows — Yash reads for believable characters and enticing story arcs. With an eye for recognizing overdone cliches and predictable tropes, he edits to distill even the most complex ideas into unique, yet accessible narratives. Yash’s experience ranges from writing columns on race, gender, and sexuality for to technical white papers and patent proposals in his former role as strategy consultant at IBM. Most recently, he is the author of multiple fictional works, including a speculative fiction novel and numerous short stories.


Yash graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and is currently a Master’s candidate at Harvard for Design Engineering. Yash’s work has previously been featured or referenced on Al Jazeera,, The Public Eye, Political Research Associates, Give a Billion, Labor Relations Today, Portside, and A Billion Veg among others.

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