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How quickly can you turn around edits on my essay?

We guarantee a turnaround time of 5-7 business days for cover letters, essays, and resumes. If you add coaching, you will follow a different timeline. For bundles, we will coordinate a timeline that makes sense for everyone involved.

What if I need my edits right away? Are there any exceptions?

When you submit your essay and payment, please comment on the urgency of your request in the appropriate field. At a premium charge we can provide an expedited service for one standard essay at a time. We still require at least 48 hours notice and will reach out in case the request is not feasible.

Is there a word limit for any of the packages?

Pricing for our packages is based on the standard 500-word essay. If you're a few words over — within 30-50 — don't sweat it. For longer essays, we charge an additional fee for every 500 words and will edit up to a maximum of 1,500 words.

I have two 250-word essays that I need edited. Since they add up to 500 words, can I submit them together for the charge of a single package?

Unfortunately, no. Unlike other editing services, our pricing model is not built on a per-word basis but rather on the number of ideas we will be working through with you. We take our work seriously, and want to provide you with the best possible experience and feedback for each individual prompt no matter how long the essay.

What should I expect in terms of communication after I select the coaching service?​

Within 1-2 business days of receiving your form, we will reach out to schedule a call. We’ll work to accommodate whichever is most comfortable for you— a phone call, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp…you tell us. Based on the details you provided in your form, we may follow up with questions before our first call. This helps us do our homework and best prepare to ask you the questions necessary to get your creative juices flowing. If we need more time, don't fret. We'll schedule more time to chat. We know that our best ideas don't come in planned time frames and may emerge when we least expect it.

After the brainstorming is complete, we’ll wait for you to send us a first draft. This draft is often a less beautiful piece of work, but it provides us an entry point for conversation. We'll start with high level feedback on story direction and guide you on how to begin your next draft. When it's ready for a thorough line edit, we’ll take 5-7 business days to turnaround comprehensive comments.

What should I expect in terms of communication after I select the an unbundled package?​

We'll typically return high level comments on story direction within a few days, and once a new draft is complete, we return comprehensive line edits within 5-7 business days. We may, however, recommend additional coaching based on our evaluation of your essay. For example, we often see essays that read more academic or like a resume or transcript. That's the last thing we want for your personal statements. However, if you choose not to utilize coaching, we will of course still complete a comprehensive edit of your piece in its current state.

Do you edit resumes?

We do! However, this is for early-career professionals. We don't believe we are the best fit for those with more than 10 years of work experience.

I'm a mid-career professional and need help with a cover letter for a new job. Your website says you only provide early-career support. Will you still take a look at my cover letter?

While we can provide edits for your cover letter, we believe there might be other services better suited for your needs. We specialize in working with young professionals who are in the early stages of defining their career paths and are looking for support as they navigate the job market for the first time.


Will you write my essay or do you provide ghostwriting services?

No, HY Edits does not condone and will not write your essay for you. At the moment, we do not provide ghostwriting services either.

My payment isn't going through and I'm unable to submit my request.​ What should I do?

Send us a message via our Contact Us page. We'll get back to you ASAP.

How do I indicate that I want an expedited turnaround time on my submission? Or that my submission is more than 500 words?

When you select your package and begin filling out the associated form, we ask you about your requested turnaround time (either 48 hours or 5-7 business days) and your word count.


I could really benefit from your services, but I require financial assistance. Do you offer any subsidized packages?

At HY Edits, we strive to provide equal opportunities and access no matter what your socioeconomic background might be. Our education system and workplace are built in ways that benefit those who already have resources, continuing to widen the opportunity gap. And so, for those who may need a hand, we want to help. If you believe you fall under special circumstances — e.g. you are paying your way through school, you are homeless, your parents can’t support additional classes — and could benefit from subsidized services, send us a note explaining “why a subsidized service is critical for you.” Click here to submit.

Can you guarantee my application will get me an interview or I'll get into the college I applied to?

Unfortunately, no. We do not guarantee that our services will ensure you receive an interview or admission into the colleges you apply to. Employment and/or acceptance to colleges is dependent on a number of factors; your essays and cover letters are just one of them. While writing is a subjective art, we'll do our best to help you tell your story in a compelling way that is an authentic representation of your voice and style.

Don't see your question here?

Send us a message via our Contact Us page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.

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